broken words for broken hearts

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i know i know ive neglegted you tumblr please forgive me ?

i know its been awhile since i last wrote to you ive been distracted you see ivebeen being social … yeah i know me . ive been hanging out with brad and his friends alot and liz and finally larissa again and alex van pamelin . going to school and getting shit done . i started writing abit ago and i think im going to start doing it again . anyway not much is different i think i wanna start working out a bit , ill let you know how it goes xx

so im just going to come out and say it . i have an eating disorder . i starve myself and when i eat i throw it up after . it sounds bad but when i do it and i see that ive lost weight i feel good , i feel accomplished. noone knw so please keep this between e and you

my little girl

so my dad is being strangly wierd. hes been asking me to hangout like every day , and i dont really know what to think of it. he does his everytime him and chey are fighting, he says hes going to leave her and that their going to get a divorce, and that hes going to buy an apartment in georgetown. and then in a week hes back together with her and theyre fine. i just wish he had the balls to actually leave her .